Musik ist Poesie ans luft. Music is the poetry of air’: Goethe a fitting simile truly actualized by the Rhode Island Wind Ensemble. Thank you/Danka/Mahalo for the wonderful concert!!!
The performance was a delightfully unexpected masterpiece.
Beautiful & imaginative music! Bravo!!!!!
Enjoyed the music very much! Thank you for performing for the Big Brothers.
All of you did a wonderful job, keep it up
What a treat to have such a skilled ensemble so accessible. Keep it up!
Thank you for the wonderful music, Very nice!
Beautiful mix of compositions.Liked Holst, Charminade, Baroque Purcell, Scenes from the Louvre: Norman Dello Joio. Thanks for the fine music.
Excellent. Great program!, Wonderful!, Very enjoyable, Excellent musicanship
Loved Intermezzo (Ralph Vaughn Williams) also the Caneva & the Purcell
Excellent mix of music and musicians/especially enjoyed Sousa and Holst.
Very super-great music- It was wonderful!! Thank you for making such an incredible presentation by fantastic musicians available to the public. I am impressed and grateful.
This was the first concert we attended. We enjoyed it immensely. Thank you. Excellent. Very, very enjoyable. The Oklahoma tunes sounded like a string orchestra. Very well done, beautiful music! Thank you for bringing the enjoyment of music to so many people.
We enjoyed the concert very much. What a performance to remember. Great, Wonderful!
Delightful concert! Outstanding performance. Keep on playing. Fine balance of instruments & sound, fine, seamless flow of sound was so controlled & beautiful, a high quality performance to be proud of! Great show.
Great Music. Interesting & varied selections. There is a rich variety of music and it was performed very well.
What great role models for young H.S. musicians!